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Renze Feed, a family owned and operated business, specializes in providing its customers with a broad-range of feed, seed, equipment, and animal health products--geared to all types of farming operations.  The company has been serving the Northwest Iowa area and beyond for over 25 years. Their company mission is:  provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in our industry through dedication to superior products, open communication, and extraordinary focus on key detail.

Renze Feed is owned and operated by Glen Gene Poen, Mary Renze Poen, and their son Andy John Poen.  Both the Renze and Poen families have been prominent in Iowa area farming for many generations.  Family patriarch, Frank Renze(1921-2005), born in Carroll, Iowa, farmed his entire life in the Auburn/Carroll area.  He opened the doors of Renze Feed in 1985, focusing exclusively on feed and animal health products.  In an effect to better serve its customer base, in 1989, the company expanded it's product lines to include both seed and equipment sales. 

Glen and Mary not only own and operate Renze Feed, but are actively involved in farming as well.  They enjoy travel, watching sports and, of course, being with family and friends.  They are very blessed and proud parents of Laurie(married to Larry), Teresa(married to Travis), Andy, and Nathan.  They are especially proud grandparents to Joseph, Michael, Hannah, Amber, Maria, Tyler, Christopher, and Katelyn! 

Andy Poen has been invloved in Renze Feed for the past one and one half years. Andy enjoys spending time with his new fiance, watching movies, and going out to eat with friends and family.  He would enjoy travel as well, but is recently engaged.  Andy is a proud uncle to Joseph, Michael, Hannah, Amber, Maria, Tyler, Christopher, and Katelyn. 

John Smires has been employed with Renze Feed for nine years. John is responsible for the day to day milling operations, and most importantly, waiting on customers. John enjoys hunting, fishing, and riding his motorcycle. John and his wife, Michelle, have three children and one grandchild. 

Renze Feed is proud of its Iowa farming history. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for our customers who have allowed us to assist them with our products and service.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you as well--today!



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