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Delux Grain Dryers

Delux Mfg. Co. is a worldwide manufacturer of the highest quality grain dryers at very competitive prices. Delux Continuous Flow Grain Dryers are designed for the most efficient and reliable performance to increase your operations profits. By using the heat from the cooling grain (vacuum cooling), Delux can reduce your drying costs by up to 50%! We offer over 50 models with capacities up to 5,000 bushels per hour. DELUX, THE BEST INVESTMENT FOR YOUR GRAIN HANDLING SYSTEM SINCE 1962!




Delux Mfg. Co. has been building grain dryers since 1962. Over the years, many different types, sizes and models of grain dryers have been manufactured. Delux was the first company to market a "vacuum cooled" grain dryer. This type of dryer has received great acceptance and has grown to be the largest type of commercial dryer on the market today.

Over these 40+ years, many things have been significantly improved, however, many things have remained the same. Delux has always believed to get good capacity and excellent grain quality, a dryer has to hold a lot of grain (example: a dryer rated at 1,000 bph 20% - 15% should hold close to 1,000 bushels). If a dryer does not hold a lot of grain, they will require higher heat, that will reduce test weight, and will struggle to reach rated capacities.

Delux also knows a dryer is a long term investment. Many dryers that we built in the 1960's are still running strong today. We continue to build a dryer that will last you for many decades. Only the best quality parts and components are used on Delux Dryers and we do not cut corners during assembly. We use a roll formed "lock lip" on our screens and they are all bolt and nut assembly; no tapping screws or pop rivets here! Just compare our weight to the competition.

Our service department is on call 24 hours a day should you have any problem. We maintain a fleet of our own service vehicles with technicians that do nothing but service Delux Grain Dryers. If you have a problem, call 1-800-658-3240 and one of our service engineers will be ready to answer your questions and supply you with any parts you may need.

In any grain dryer, the fan and burner are very important components. We spare no expense to provide the correct air flow with a very clean efficient burn. Our fans have seven wide variable pitch blades to move a lot of air very quietly. Our burner provides a very short clean blue flame for very safe and efficient operation without disrupting our airflow.

With Delux exclusive flip up access doors, it’s very easy for you to inspect and get to your metering rolls and unload system (a feature you will demand once you have it). We are also the only grain dryer to offer an unload drag conveyor on any Delux Grain Dryer. Drag conveyors are standard on any of our dryers over 1,500 bushels per hour.

Operation of a Delux Grain Dryer is very easy. A stepped process allows you only to start the dryer in the correct order so no mistakes can be made. If your Delux Grain Dryer shuts down, it has a “tattle tale” system to let you know why it’s shut down. We also make a automatic moisture control system standard on all Delux Dryers to give you very even moisture control for your dryer.

If you would like to have the most accurate moisture controller on the market, we also offer the Dryer Master Computerized dryer controller. This comes with a printer for management records and is accurate down to 1/10%! A service modem is also standard.

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