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Kent Feed

Kent Feed has been a part of Renze Feed in Wall Lake since we've opened our doors.  Kent Feed products have always proven to be of the highest quality with maximum performance, no matter what livestock is being fed it.  

Calf Creep Products

Creep feeding calves is the practice of providing supplemental nourishment to nursing calves. Kent and University research has shown that weaning weights of calves can be significantly greater when creep fed. The type of creep feed used also has a substantial effect on calf performance and the economics of creep feeding.

Benefits of Feeding Kent Creep Feeds
  • Increased cow weight. Cows on average are 20 to 30 lbs heavier at weaning when calves are creep fed.
  • Cows will cycle earlier and have improved conception rates as a result of better body condition and reduced stress.
  • Pasture carrying capacity can be increased by as much as 5%
  • Calves are more uniform in size.
  • Calves are better able to handle weaning and shipping stress, thus a quicker, healthier start in the feedlot.
  • Contains Bovatec® for increased weight gain in calves on pasture and to aid in the control of coccidiosis.
  • Contains all-natural Kent BoVantage™ technology, exclusive to Kent Feeds which research has proven can improve the performance of young calves by promoting rumen health, feed intake, and nutrient utilization.


All Kent Calf Creep™ feeds contain BoVantage™ technology.


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