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We keep in inventory the 2" & 1 5/8" Victory cattle gates, sizes 4' through 18'.  We also stock all sizes of hog gates and corral panels.




Choose a gate at the bottom of this page to learn more about it's specific features.

Gate Descriptions:

2.0” Victory Gate - Main Image

Victory Gates:
Our heaviest, most durable gate. Prairie gold powder coated. Heavy-duty Z-bar vertical brace. Round top.

Hi-Country Gates:
A high quality, working gate. Brown or prairie gold powder coated. Notched horizontal & center verticals. Square top.

2.0” Hi Country - Main Image

Red Guardian Gates:
A higher quality, economy gate. Red powder coated.
Heavy-duty Z-bar vertical brace. Round top.

Maverick Gates:
A medium quality, economy gate. Grey powder coated.
Z-bar vertical brace. Square top.


Styles of Hinges:

Adjustable Hinge 3/4

Adjustable Hinge 3/4” - 3.5 lbs.:
Allows gate to be moved up or down. 3/4” diameter x 12” threaded rod on 2 piece clamp and solid steel hinge pin.
Takes tough wear. Gate swings 270°. Buckets available.

J-Bolt Hinge

J-Bolt Hinge - 3 lbs.:
3/4” diameter x 12” threaded rod. Adjustable in/out on bolt and up/down on gate. 1 5/8” and 2” available. Buckets available.

Heavy Duty Hinge - 5.3 lbs.:
1” heavy-duty hinge. 1” diameter x 12” threaded rod. For use on any 2” gate. Two piece clamp with 1/2” hardware. Buckets available. Largest & heaviest hinge in the market.

Hi-Country Hinges & Latches:
These hinges and latches are specifically featured on our Hi-Country gates. Sizes available for 1 1/2" gates and 2" gates.


All Gates Feature:

Twist-A-Lock Latch & Chain

- Mitered Joints
- “Twist-A-Lock” Latch & Chain
- High Quality Materials
- Made from 50,000 psi, high-tensile structural steel tubing.
- Premium powder coat paint.
- 16 Gauge Tubing
- 50,000 PSI
- Z-Bar Vertical Beam (except 4’ & 6’ gates)

Gates are sold less hinges. Order hinges separately. 





 How to Calculate Your Round Pen:

To calculate the number of panels needed, multiply the desired diameter by 3.14.
This will determine the circumference. Divide the circumference by the length of the
panels being used. This will equal the number of panels needed.


Diameter Of Holding Pen
Panel Length 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85
10' 6 8 9 11 13 14 16 17 19 20 22 24 25 27
12' 5 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 21 22
16' 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Circumference: The distance around the circle
Diameter: Straight line passing through the center of the circle.

Testimonial: Shawn Coleman - Sioux Steel Warrior

“As a bull rider, I know all about being tough. That’s why I am a proud dealer of
Sioux Steel products, the toughest livestock product on the market."


Product List



We stock ground mineral, upright mineral, double-slant hay, horse hay, calf hay, bull hay, closed bottom hay, open bottom hay, big "o" outdoor, and indoor feeders.


Sioux Steel offeres a number of feeder options for your livestock needs. From our Hay Max Feeders to new products such as our Poly Hay Feeders. Click the images below to learn more about each one.

 Product List




We have in inventory the pig utility, utility hog, round poly, and round end poly waterers.


Sioux Steel offeres a number of watering options for your livestock needs. From our Stock Tanks to new products such as our Mira Fountain Waterers. Click the images below to learn more about each one.

Product List

Visit Sioux Steels website for more livestock products available through Renze Feed.


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