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 Call Andy (712-830-0550) for any seed tender questions.

Bulk Seed Tenders (BST)

Bulk Seed Tenders

Changing from bags to bulk is made easy with any of Meridian’s Seed tenders including the compact BST.




Titan Seed Tenders

Transporting seed and filling your planter is easier and quicker with Meridian's Titan. The Titan2 and Titan4 are designed for 50 unit seed boxes.



Seed Express

Seed Express Tenders

Handle small or large amounts of bulk seed and fertilizer safer, easier and quicker with Meridian's Seed Express.


Tender Parts

Seed Tender Parts

Belts, bearings, switches and much more. Ensure your Meridian Seed Tender is ready for the season. For Tender Parts, please use our Dealer Locator tool to locate a Parts Dealer in your area.





Meridian Manufacturing Group is the innovator and largest producer of smooth-wall hopper bins with four strategic offices and manufacturing facilities in North America. For over 40 years Meridian was known for the Friesen, Grain Max, Stor-King and Wheatland brands, which in 2008, were incorporated under the Meridian trademark.

Meridian products are used extensively for storage needs in the agricultural, commercial, petroleum and the oil and gas industries. These versatile products include our smooth wall hopper bins, seed tenders, double-wall fuel tanks, specialty oil tanks and numerous custom designed tanks and silos.

Feed - Agricultural Storage


Meridian's smooth-wall Feed bins are designed with feed quality and management in mind. The advantage of smooth-wall is especially evident when storing bulk feed. Smooth cone and side wall surfaces, without bolts or ribs, a steep bottom cone of 55° or 60°, as well as our exclusive high slip factor powder coating, ensures no feed hang ups and entrapments, thus reducing spoilage and unnecessary expenses. A Meridian Feed Bin is your best choice to ensure feed quality and feed management.


Standard Features


  • All welded, smooth-wall construction
  • HSS (Hollow structural steel) legs and bracing
  • Meridian's Premium Rack-n-Pinion slide gate with crank
  • Complete sidewall and roof ladder
  • 25" top opening
  • 27" vented top lid – Spring loaded and ground operated
  • 55° and 60° bottom cone depending on model
  • 35 degree roof cone
  • Minimum 24" clearance under the slide gate




  • Bottom Manway
  • Roof Manhole
  • Bin Level Indicators
  • Pail Spout
  • Auger Boots and Auger Mounting Tabs
  • Ladder cage and Handrails
  • Steel Base


Seed Max - Agricultural Storage


Meridian's smooth-wall SeedMax Storage Bins have been designed specifically to accommodate any type of dry flowable seed products. Our product offering includes a variety of sizes ranging from 500 bushels up to 5,000 bushels. Bulk Seed Storage sites are designed by our trained dealers, in any bin size configuration to accommodate your operation. Seed Max bins are designed to provide you the safest and most cost effective storage solution for your seed products.


Standard Features


  • All welded, smooth-wall construction
  • HSS (Hollow structural steel) legs and bracing
  • Premium Rack-n-Pinion slide gate with crank
  • Complete sidewall and roof ladder
  • 25" top opening
  • Vented Top Lid - Spring loaded and ground operated
  • Minimum 40° bottom cone and 35° roof cone
  • 24" clearance under the slide gate





  • Aeration Systems
  • Bottom Manway
  • Roof Manhole
  • Bin Level Indicators
  • Ladder cage and handrails
  • Steel Base

Call your seed dealer and find out your savings on taking your seed early. It might make this seed max very affordable.  Call Andy (712-830-0550) for any of your Meridian bin questions.

Horizontal Double Wall Fuel Tanks


Meridian’s ULC approved Petroleum tanks feature the same design, strength and quality standards that all Meridian Built products have become known for. These double walled, 110% containment tanks are ideal for a variety of liquid products, preventing costly leaks and providing environmentally safe storage.

Whether you are a farmer concerned about soil contamination or a logistics manager in the petroleum or mining industry, there is a Meridian double wall tank to meet your needs.


  • Agricultural Industry
  • Refueling Stations
  • Industrial Sites
  • Rental Facilities
  • Forestry / Mining Industry











Standard Features


  • CAN-ULC-S653-06 Approved
  • 110% Secondary Containment
  • Heavy Gauge Construction
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Tank Saddles
  • Primary and Secondary Emergency Vents
  • Additional Space Fittings
  • Meridian's Premium Powder Coat Finish




  • Steel Skid Base
  • Light and Heavy Duty Hose Retractors
  • Drip Pot (Not all models)
  • Standard Pump Package (3/4 HP 4" Submersible Pump, Micron Filter, Meter, 25' x 1" Arctic Hose, Automatic Nozzle and Audiable, Overfill alarm system)
  • Bottom Fill System













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